Amy Beth

Biggest thing to really note here is how cool it is to have a night where you get a free movie for donating a toy. Granted, I spent more on the toy than I would have for a ticket, but its that cool vibe you get from doing something good, knowing that somewhere out there in the world, a little kid is opening up the Etch a Sketch I donated and eating the contents inside of it.

I need to fast forward to the part where AmyBeth, the manager of Landmark theaters in Houston, announces that every year they ask for requests on which movie people want to see and it comes down to this movie or A Christmas Story. I ruffle my eyebrow at that second option. I’ve seen it all of once and quite honestly, I’m not at all impressed with it. Granted, I’ll be there tonite to see it, but still. That’s more out of a need for Christmas movies than anything else. I do not have cable and they’ve long since moved all my fave Christmas films of the 60s & 70s to cable channels and about all I’m left with is that damn cartoon with Drew Barrymore. I’m sorry, but of the many things Drew Barrymore represents to me, the freakin holiday spirit is not one of them. When I want a table dance, ala David Letterman, I’ll put in a call to Drew’s agent. When I want to see Charlie’s Angels XII, I know Drew will be producing it. But I do not go to her for my fill of holiday cheer.

Where was I? … oh yeah … I would think you could run a better movie than A Christmas Story, but I’m too lazy to think up a better one for now.

Anyways … back to waiting for the movie … very interesting crowd in line. Not typical of the art movie mob that usually haunts River Oaks. A skoch on the older side (as in older than me). A few families in the mix … either mormons or parents bringing every kid on their block to the show. Should be interesting to compare and contrast with the crowd that shows up for Dr. Strangelove the following week.

First thing I notice when I get my seat is that the screen was blocked off a bit. Unbeknownst to me, old time movies weren’t done in 16:9 format. I’ll be damned if I knew that. The net effect was that you felt a little like you were watching the movie on a (REALLY) big screen TV. But still, it was nice to see the movie without the screen chopping that TV does to such classics.

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