Much has been written about “American dream.” Many films are made and Vista, many songs are sung. A lot of people chasing her and continued to chase her. Sometimes I wonder if it was created by a Hollywood millionaire madman or genius He realized the force with which only such a dream can change a life? I do not know, but one thing is certain – the “American dream” has given strength of an entire nation newborn, supply it with sweat and tears and made her rich. The machine still works flawlessly and more and more new immigrants fly across the ocean to try. The price varies but overall is a more reliable for something better for them, or at least for their children. And some succeed.

Maybe you have not thought, but Albert Einstein, Audrey Hepburn, Cary Grant, Henry Kissinger, Bob Marley, Levi Strauss, Asako Asimov and Madeleine Albright are just some examples of successful immigrants, which boasts not only America, but also the whole world. One of the most recent and vivid example is Sergey Brin – one of the founders of Google, an immigrant from Russia who came to America six years old, while 34 was named by Forbes for the fifth bogatskvo in the United States worth 18.5 billion dollars.

Why did you write all this, then I will discuss laws and regulations? Because my research and personal experience suggest that success in America, as elsewhere, is achieved not only with hard work and a huge dose of luck, but also with a very good knowledge of the rules, the laws that control us . The better we understand these laws, better understand how to use them.

I know the immigration laws of America not only by their legal training and practice here in America, but from personal experience. For joy or regret, my life started here 18 years ago, when I was only 17 and my ideas about the world and life were pretty naive, just as they probably should be when you’re 17, so you can leave alone literally on the other side of the world without even seeing him. America has not proved as we know from the series “Dallas” and “ALF” or movies like “Ghostbusters” and “Pretty Woman.” America was slightly conservative town without sidewalks or buses with one-storey wooden buildings, horrible sticky August heat, with very kind and smiling people who go to school, work, church or somewhere to eat much. And so began a long search for my place in this vast country and in the search I lost many things, but certainly learned a lot about myself and about this great place America. Meanwhile, high school, economics and law, worked in many places, got married and gave birth my wonderful twins. Over the past 18 years I experienced 10 student visa, work visa, countless tourist visas, applying for a green card and apply for US citizenship. But when we heard the American anthem and I put my hand on his heart in an oath to follow the Constitution of America, for some strange reason I remembered my old house in Varna and saw the sea.

All this probably sounds familiar. In America there are many Bulgarians with different destinies and opportunities. But what unites us is the desire to find and build something better and brighter if not for us, at least for our children. It is united also nostalgia, everything good that we left on the other side of the ocean, with the hope that makes sense.

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